Publications and Reviews



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Reviews and Mention of Creative Work 

Denny, Scott and Ben Hodges. “Architecture,” by Christina Turczyn. Dir. Virlana Tkacz. Theatre World. 66(2009-2010):334. Print.

Froliak, Maria. “Re-Imagine Art Festival at the Ukrainian Institute of America.” Rev. of festival as a   collective work. New York Arts: The International Guide to the Art World. 21 Feb 2013. Print.

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Petrovich Cheney, Laura. “Three Must-See New Jersey Exhibits.” Rev. of “Artpride NJ Facebook Friends Gallery”, including work by Christina Turczyn. Web.12 Aug 2012.

Review of “GOGOL/HOHOL : Contemporary Artists, Writers, and Performers React to the Master.”  Slavic and East European Performance. New York:  Institute for Contemporary East European Drama and Theater. 20.1(2000). Print.


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